Western Media Writes Negatively On Kashmir

Professor Kulbhushan Warikoo of the Centre for Inner Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) while addressing the students of Jharkhand Raksha Shakti University (JRSU) on “Strategic Importance of Kashmir” said that western media writes about Kashmir issues without analysing the facts and knowing about the geo-political conditions.

“Kashmir which has geo-political importance has been described in a negative way by the western media. To a great extent, the conditions of Kashmir in relation with Pakistan, China has been not described in a way, it should have been,” the Professor stated on Sunday.

Warikoo who was addressing the students gave a detailed description about his book – ‘The other Kashmir’ which has detailed coverage of Gilgit Kashmir, Kashmir and Aksai Chin since 1962 including how the frontiers of Jammu and Kashmir evolved. Warikoo during the lecture session made students familiar with the local cultural history of Kashmir, social-psychological relation with Kashmiri-Hindus and Muslims.

According to the Professor who has done extensive research work on the present condition of Kashmir as well as the status of Kashmir since pre-independent era, said, “As per my research work, nearly, 30 to 35 per cent local people have been swayed away by Wahhabism. The ideological difference still persists.”

Also present there was Registrar JRSU, Dr MK Jamuar who said that the purpose behind organising such kind of lectures for the students is to make them familiar with the status of internal security issues governing the present condition of the country.

“The University has been established for preparing the graduates who have knowledge in specialized subjects. Besides, knowing about the present issues, the students must have knowledge of all such factors which has created such conditions,” added Dr Jamuar. CMD, HEC – Avijit Ghosh, was present as the Chief Guest on the occasion along with VC, Dr Shyamaprasad Mukherjee University, SN Munda and other dignitaries.

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