SP fines cops for faulty number plates


Failure of the traffic police to act against violations of number plate norms is resulting in an increase in the use of stickers with ‘Police’, ‘Press’, ‘Finance Ministry’, ‘Human Rights’, ‘Anti-corruption Force’, ‘Government’, including more, on the vehicles in Bokaro in Jharkhand.

After reportedly receiving several complaints from the people, the Superintendent of Police Bokaro Kartik S, launched a drive against vehicles with number plates written ‘police’ and having Red and Blue colour and slapped fine on 30 cops on spot. All total Rs 5,000 were collected as fine from the cops, informed the SP.

The SP also slapped a fine of Rs 500 to his reader for violating the number plate norms on his vehicle; he warned the cops to follow the number plated norms with all traffic rules.

As per norms, the registration number should be painted in black against a white background for private vehicles and for commercial or transport vehicles, it should be black in the yellow background, said the SP.

“No one should change the colour of the number plate; should not write anything including ‘Press’, ‘Police’, ‘office name’ of designation on the number plate of the vehicle,” he added.

We are taking strict action against people who flaunt the number plate norms including one having emblems or stickers of political parties, press, police including others on the number plates, will be fine, he said.

It is normal, the youths who use illegal number plated with designs and fonts that make it difficult to read the vehicle number will be fined and prosecuted as per law, said Anand Jyoti Minz Traffic DSP Bokaro.

“We got several complaints that over dozens of motorcycles belong to a majority of youths having such number plates that flaunt the norms. Everything is seen well on that number plate except the registration number. We have launched a drive against such vehicles having number plates that do not conform to the norms,” he added.

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