Police stop cyclist, fine him for over-speed driving and not wearing helmet

GNS/Thiruvananthapuram: Traffic police cut the challan of a bicycle and put it in cyclist’s hand. Yes, this is the feat of Kerala Traffic Police. Qasim, a resident of Uttar Pradesh is living in connection with work in Kerala. He was going to the Kumbala highway in Kasargod district, during his travel the police stopped him and cut off challan due to the over-speed driving of bicycle and not wearing the helmet. Police has first cut Kasim’s challan for Rs. 2000.

On this, Qasim said that he earns 400 rupees a day so how can he pay the challan of this much amount so far? On this, the police reduced his challan to Rs 500 from Rs. 2000. After cutting the challan the police also gave a receipt to Qasim in which the number of the vehicle also being included. The number which police wrote in the receipt was a number of women’s scooter. After the news became viral on social media, the District Police Chief investigated the case and SI was found guilty. At the same time, the DSP Traffic Police said there is no law about speed and helmet on bicycles nor any challans on it.

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