Bokaro Steel Plant sets new records in 2018-19

RNS: Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) has set several new monthly and annual records during the financial 2018-19.

Production of all the major units along with sealable steel and sponge steel were increased and BSL has made new annual records in Cast Steel, Hot Roll Coil, Cold Roll Coil for sale, CR Salable and Granulated Slag Production in the last financial year, informed MK Dhan, Chief of Communication BSL.

BSL also recorded a remarkable improvement Techno-Economic Parameters during that period and made new annual records in the direct dispatches of Saleable Steel and Granulated Slags, he said.

BSL also recorded a huge increase in HR Plate and Sheet, CR Saleable and Saleable Steel dispatch as compared to the previous financial years though, March 2019 was the best month of production of Cast Slab and CR coils, he said.

Apart from this, the March month of the fiscal year 2018-19 was still the best month for the point of view of execution too.

Amidst all we have set an annual record in the sale of Coal-chemicals and highest road dispatch of Saleable Steel in the month, he said.

“We are committed for much better performance in the leadership of CEO PK Singh in this current financial year,” he added.

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