Oil Companies charge Rs 177 for safety check from LPG consumers

LPG consumers in the city are in dilemma at the visit of gas agency personnel, to inspect their kitchen for the mandatory safety checks. The consumers are also in a tight spot as the agency personnel ask them to pay Rs 177 for the safety checks.

Consumers are in fray after cooking gas agencies refused to deliver LPG cylinders when they are not paid the amount (Rs 177) towards the mandatory safety checks.

“Few days earlier I have booked my LPG cylinder through IVR and yesterday the delivery man brought the cylinder but when I refused to pay Rs 177, he took away the cylinder,” said Mamta Singh a resident of Sector 4, City Center.

“My neighbors also refused to pay and asked me not to pay the amount,” she added

Shankar Prasad another resident of BSL LH area said, this is a forgery by the company. “It’s like a hoodwink scheme, so I refused to pay him and the delivery boy went away with the cylinder,” he said.

In order to prevent accidents, the oil companies are conducting mandatory door-to-door checks, said IOC representative Vishal Kumar.

“We are also facing difficulties in convincing the consumers about this safety checks. Most of the LPG consumers are unaware of the safety checks though this has been mentioned in the instructions provided to consumers that ‘the safety checks are mandatory,” he added.

During the visits, the safety inspectors or representatives get the details of consumers including name, address and consumer ID and ask questions relating to the cylinder, regulator and tube among other things, said Vikash another company personal.

He explained that, similar checks are conducted before installing the LPG connections at homes.

The hose is checked for leaks, the stove is also checked if it is in proper working condition, and consumers are instructed to not have curtains near the stove.

Gas agencies are supposed to check the safety of the LPG installations once in two years, and the checks are supposed to be done by either gas delivery boys or by technicians.

Though, we have asked agencies to inform consumers before sending people for checks.

The delivery boys too have been told to explain about the mandatory checks properly to the consumers, he said.

Meanwhile, many consumers alleged that their bookings were cancelled when they refused to pay, but who have paid the amount alleged that the delivery boy or technician did not even check. They just walk into the house and demand the money against a receipt.

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