UN rejects Pakistan’s request for mediation on Kashmir, says-no change in our stand

GNS/Geneva: Pakistan has suffered a setback once again on the issue of Kashmir from the United Nations. On the arbitration issue in Kashmir, the United Nations made it clear that Pakistan’s appeal could not be accepted. A statement issued by the UN Secretary General’s spokesman clearly states that both countries will have to resolve the issue through mutual negotiations. The UN has now given a sharp reply to Pakistan, which has sought mediation from the United Nations and the United States on the Kashmir issue. UN Secretary General Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric said, “Our position on arbitration remains the same, there has been no change.” The Secretary-General has contacted the government of both countries. It was discussed in the G-7 meeting with the Prime Minister of India and it was discussed with the Foreign Minister of Pakistan. Like many other countries, the UN has also called the Kashmir issue as bilateral.

India has always ruled out the possibility of arbitration. The United Nations made clear on the ongoing tension on Kashmir that both countries should find a solution to this issue in a peaceful manner. Both countries will have to find a solution to Kashmir through dialogue. Explain that India has a clear side that Kashmir issue is bilateral and no mediation or interference of any third party is acceptable to India. India exposed the lies of Pakistan one by one on the issue of Jammu and Kashmir in the United Nations Human Rights Council. On behalf of India, the Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs said, that Pakistan has realized from our step that its terrorist plans will no longer be successful. India blamed Pakistan for inciting violence in Jammu and Kashmir.

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