Massive fire breaks out at Bokaro Steel Plant

Bokaro: A massive broke out at Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) on Sunday night triggering panic though none were reported injured. “Right now it’s quite difficult to access the actual loss, but it may be assumed in several crores, said an official.

The fire broke out on Sunday night at about 10.55 pm, engulfed Combustible Mixer Preparation Section ( CMPS) of Tar Distillation Unit inside BSL, informed an eyewitness.

The stiff struggle of fire brigades and firefighters, the fire got controlled after six hours which destroyed goods and plant unit value in several crores, said the eyewitness.

More than 10 firefighting vehicles of BSL, Jharkhand Government and Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) along workers have joined hands for the rescue. Firemen struggled whole night to get it controlled from spreading as flames were very high to about 30-40 feet. After a long struggle till Monday morning the fire tenders succeeded in dousing the fire, said another eyewitness.

We yet to know the actual reason behind the eruption of fire in the unit, said a Fire official. Right now its’ quite difficult to access the actual loss but it may be assumed in crores, he said.

Meanwhile, BSL has set up a high-level inquiry committee to ascertain the cause behind the eruption of fire. Inspectorate of Factories and Disaster Management Department also initiated an inquiry.

Union leaders, including Sangram Singh, B K Choudhary and others raised concern over the incident.

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