CAIT demands ban on BIG BOSS for Vulgarity, Obscenity

New Delhi: The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) in a communication sent today to Union Information & Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javedkar has drawn his urgent attention towards telecasting of TV Show ” Big Boss” on Colours TV Channel, which is showing high level of vulgarity and obscenity to the extent that it is difficult to watch the channel in a homely atmosphere and our Country’s old traditional and cultural values are being tarnished in the lust of TRP & profits which cannot be allowed in a diverse nature of Country like India.

The CAIT said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always uphold the cultural values of the Country not only in India but even at highest world forums as well and in pursuance of the same policy, the matter needs immediate attention and deserve a ban on the show Big Boss.
CAIT National President B. C. Bhartia & Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal said that it is an open fact that the show Big Boss has always remained in controversy and is habitual of offending values of our great nation. The content of the show is always highly objectionable and incite the people.

In the current show the concept of ” Bed Friend Forever” is highly deplorable against all moral ethics of the television world. The makers of the show have forgotten that it is the prime time slot on TV when this show is telecasted and people of all age watch the show. The current show has crossed all limits of ethics and values. Not only the show but even various tasks are given to the contestants have also crossed human and cultural values. The contents of the show are highly cheap in nature and ought not to be telecasted on a National TV channel which is watched in the household.
They further said that when Films are subjected to Censor Board then why can’t the TV shows which have greater impact are not subject to Censor Board. If at all they are, then how the Censor Board has allowed telecasting of such open vulgarity, nonsense, cultural nuisance and most deplorable scenes and content in the show.

The host of the show Salman Khan is equally responsible for conducting the show along with the Producers and Directors of the show for showing such a high degree of vulgarity.
Both Bhartia & Khandelwal agree that show has a right to telecast the same, but certainly under some defined principles. Under the garb of freedom, no one should be allowed to violate the basic fundamentals and principles of our great nation.
The CAIT has strongly demanded Javedkar to take immediate steps to impose ban on the Big Boss 13 as an interim measure and it should be allowed to continue the show only when each episode is duly certified by the Censor Board eliminating the element of vulgarity to the extent that it can be watched in a homely atmosphere having viewers of all age groups.

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