Ayodhya case: Historical debate end in SC, verdict expected before Nov 17

Lucknow: The landmark debate on the Ayodhya Land Dispute of the country’s decades-old Ram Janambhoomi and Babri Mosque was completed on Wednesday in the Supreme Court of India. After this hearing which lasted for 40 days, the Constitution Bench reserved its decision and asked all the parties to give a written reply to the court on the molding of relief in 3 days. After the debate was over, Hindu Mahasabha lawyer Varun Sinha said that the Supreme Court has reserved the verdict. Now it is clear that a decision will come in this matter within 23 days.
Earlier in the last day of the hearing, all the parties presented their arguments. During this time, there was a lot of confusion between the Muslim and Hindu side. It has even come to the fore that a lawyer appearing on behalf of the Hindu Mahasabha presented a map of Ram’s birthplace in the court. A copy of this was also given to the lawyer of the Muslim side, Rajiv Dhawan. Rajiv Dhawan opposed it and said, I do not believe it. On which Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said, “Okay, don’t you agree.” After this, Rajiv Dhawan tore the map.
Earlier on Wednesday, CS Vaidyanathan started the debate on behalf of the Hindu side on the 40th day of the debate. On behalf of Ramlala Virajaman, CS Vaidyanathan claimed that till 1934 Namaz was performed at the disputed site. Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi told Ramlala’s lawyer CS Vaidyanathan that now your time is over. After which CS Vaidyanathan said a few more minutes. Meanwhile, Gopal Singh Visharad’s lawyer Ranjit Kumar stood up for debate. The Chief Justice told Ranjit Kumar that yesterday you said that you would argue only for 2 minutes. Ranjit Kumar said how to complete the debate in two minutes? The Chief Justice said with a smile that yesterday you were saying 2 minutes. CS Vaidyanathan, while completing the debate, said that without owning property, the Muslim side is claiming ownership.
On the behalf of Gopal Singh Visharad, senior advocate Ranjit Kumar said that there is no idol of Shiva or any deity on Mount Kailash, but the whole mountain is worshiped as a deity. In Hindus, there is a belief of God in the particle. Sushil Kumar Jain of Hindu Mahasabha said that Babur built the mosque by demolishing the temple. From 1885, Muslims ask to hear the matter, but it is not so. The Hindu Mahasabha said that the British Government had abolished the Board of Control in the 1858 Government of India Act. In such a situation, the question of granting the October 1860 birthplace mosque does not arise. The Sunni board has made a misrepresentation. Justice Chandrachud said that in the map you are showing, the platform was in the inner courtyard? Rajiv Dhawan said that the platform is also part of the mosque. The wall of the mosque starts near the cemetery.
After this, advocate Jaideep Gupta started the debate on behalf of Nirvani Akhara. Which the Nirmohi Akhara opposed. On which CJI said, there is no harm in listening to them for five minutes. It was said on behalf of the Nirvani Arena “Hanumangarhi” that the idol of God was kept by Baba Dharmadas and others. An FIR was also registered against Baba Abhiram Das for this. Baba Abhiram Das demanded the right to worship as a priest in 1962. Nirvani Arena said that it is different from Nirmohi Arena. The Nirvani arena said that “politics is theirs”. Nobody object to this. The debate was completed on behalf of the Nirvani Arena.

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