Outreach programme of IISF 2019 held at NML

RNS: An Outreach Programme of India International Science Festival (IISF-2019) was organised at CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur, as a part of fifth  IISF-2019 celebrations on Wednesday.

Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Earth Sciences, in association with Vigyan Bharati (VIBHA) is organizing the event during 5-8 November 2019 at Biswa Bangla Convention Centre & Science City, Kolkata, informed Dr A K Sahoo of NML.

The thematic choice of this exhibition rests on ‘Technologies, Products & Technological Services’. The contributions of CSIR-NML in the context of nation-building were showcased in this exhibition under the broad headings of ‘Mining, Minerals & Materials’, ‘Engineering & Infrastructure’, ‘Ecology & Environment’.

During this programme, CSIR-NML opens their lab & facilities to students, public and local media. The objective of this outreach programme is to disseminate the knowledge in terms of Achievements, Technologies developed, Products & Technological Services of CSIR-NML as a whole to attract Academia, Industries, R&D fraternity and common people of India to know the contributions of CSIR-NML since 69 years of its journey towards the development of New & Digital India and also to get an insight into the work-life of researchers.

The exhibition may provide an ample opportunity to know the latest development of CSIR-NML in the field of Science & Technology and also, it may encourage the industries, in the long run, Dr. I. Chattoraj, Director NML welcomed the Chief Guest CK Asnani, Chairman & Managing Director, Uranium Corporation of India Ltd., Jadugoda, students, teachers of local schools and colleges of Jamshedpur, Scientists and Team CSIR-NML.  He has also briefed the ideas and objectives of the outreach programme of IISF 2019. Dr. Arvind Sinha, Chairman, NASI Jharkhand Chapter delivered a lecture on “Ethics in Science” and he differentiated between “Ethics in Science” and “Ethics of Science”. Surprisingly, both the events, Vigilance Awareness Week and outreach programme of IISF 2019 coincide.

CK Asnani as Chief Guest delivered an entertaining deliberation on two counts, one for young minds of schools, colleges and other for the people those who are employed.  The lecture contained the educative values and also, it has impressed a lot to the students as well as the audience in general.

Over 350 students from BPM 10+2 High School, Adivasi High School-Sitaramdera, Baldwin Farms House, Central School, UCIL, Jadugoda, Chaibassa College, NTTF Golmuri and TSTI, Burmamines participated in this Outreach programme of IISF 2019.  After the inaugural session, the students from various schools, colleges & technical institutions visited Posters stalls, Exhibition stalls & various laboratory & facilities of CSIR-NML.

Few schools and colleges with a group of four students demonstrated their Exhibit/models during this event.   All the students expressed their happiness and showed the excitement of scientific and industrial development of CSIR-NML.

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