Jharkhand’s migrant workers trapped-in Oman

Bokaro: At least 30 improvised Jharkhand workers who were migrated to Oman were trapped-in; their VISA’s have lapsed. As they have no money and struggling hard as their visas to return back to their home.

Workers of the district of Bokaro, Giridih, Hazaribagh and Koderma were migrated to Malaysia last year to meet their both end needs; they were hired by a contractor to work on a transmission line at Muscat in Oman in the year 2017 in a well-reputed company.

The workers trapped-in at Oman have sought help from the government through social media. They have sent a message to the Foreign Minister, Government of India and asked for help. The message also stated that the company in which they are working has stopped their payments. They were locked in a room and getting several threats, informed Sikander Ali a member of Pravasi Group.

I am a social worker work for the welfare of the migrant workers. I received their message over the Whatsapp group, said Ali.

“Trapped labourers are Raju Paswan, Khublal Paswan, Vijay Kumar Mahato, Yogendra Kumar, Devi Lal Mahto, Santosh Mahato, Alam Kumar Mahato, Chandrika Mahato, Teklal Mahato, Mahesh Kumar Mahato, Rajesh Kumar, Sohan Lal Mahato, Pradeep Mahato, Hemlal Mahato, Nirmal Mahato, Sohan Mahato, Govind Mahato, Rajesh Prasad Mahato, Jagdish Mahato, Kasumbha Rooplal Mahato, Mahesh Mahato, Vinod Kumar, Ramchandra Mahato, Dilip Kumar, Premchand Mahato, Manoj Mahato, Hulas Mahato, Jagdish Mahato and Mahendra Singh,” added Ali.

“I assured them to make every effort to return to them to their homeland,” he added.

Lured over handsome remuneration and work at a well-known company worker were sent to Oman but they were given a salary even in lieu of work. But since the past seven months, they are not being paid even a single pie as they were promised, informed their family members over the phone.

According to the information received by the workers’ families, all of them have been kept locked room and they are being given only one-time food. They want to come back to their homeland, but apart from the expiry of the visa period, they are stuck there as they have no money to come back.

“We have no communication since past seven months, luckily we have received their message on social media group, said Rajeshwar Mahato a family member of Teklal Mahato.

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