Switch-off only lights at your home, not all other appliances: Power Ministry

Energy Department has appealed to people to switch off only household lights at 9 PM on April 05 in a bid to maintain balance in the electricity grids. The department has asked people to continue using all essential electrical equipment during the 9-minute duration when the nation will pray for its triumph against COVID 19.

Several power distribution firms of the nation held a video conferencing on the situation that may arise due to sudden change in the load on various grids across the country at 9 PM on April 5. It was assessed that sudden turning off of the household lights at 9 Pm will result in a sudden reduction of about 1200 to 1300 MW load in the country, stated in a press communiqué sent by DGM (PR) JBVNL.

On 3 April Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to people of the nation to light candles, earthen lamps, torch etc at 9 PM on April 5 to show solidarity and fight against the darkness prevailing in the world in the wake of COVID-19. The PM has asked people to switch off the lights before lighting candles, lamps etc.

Notably, it was discussed in the video conferencing on Saturday that the sudden reduction of load may result in misbalance in the power grids. Therefore, it was decided that the thermal power plants would be run on low-load during the period and hydel plants and gas turbines would be kept under rotation so that the power grids remain balanced.

It was decided in the meeting not to shut any electricity feeder during the period so that emergency services continue to operate.

The Ministry of Power has also issued advisory to people to help maintain electricity supply.

According to the advisory people should switch off only household lights between 9 PM and 9:09 PM for nine minutes and should not turn of other types of equipment such as fans, television, refrigerator etc. Also, street lights, society lights and other important lights should not be turned off during the nine-minute period.

At 9:10 PM people are advised to turn on lights one by one so that the load balance at grids does not get disturbed. Also, the department has requested people not to pay heed to any kind of rumour relating to electricity and maintain social distancing norms that are advised to the people of the nation during the lockdown period.

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