Disposable ventilators soon in market; do not require electricity to work

RNS: As hospitals around the world are facing a significant shortfall of ventilators amidst Coronavirus pandemic, Xerox- photocopy machines maker, has announced for mass production of disposable ventilators which does not require electricity in any form.

According to the media reports Xerox has confirmed that it is now mass-producing disposable ventilators. This could come in handy as hospitals around the world are facing a significant shortfall of ventilators in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, News 18 reported.

Xerox confirms that the company is working with Vortran Medical (a medical device manufacturer) to scale up production of the Go2Vent. This would be a low-cost resuscitation device that is used by first responders in case of emergencies and disasters, it said in the report.

In the case of Coronavirus patients, this could be used for those with milder or more controlled symptoms of the COVID-19, thereby freeing the ICU-grade ventilators for the more critical patients.

According to the Vortan Medical, the Go2Vent is a hands-free ventilator that offers a secure airway using a continuous gas source. It can be operated on a compressor, oxygen or air with a minimum of 10 liters per minute flow rates.

“This device does not require power from electricity or batteries, which adds to the versatility in complex medical situations such as disease outbreaks when power sources may not be available for everyone.”

Speaking with NBC News Naresh Shankar, Xerox’s chief technology officer said, “It takes off the overload on the system.”

Vortran’s co-founder and CEO, Gordon A. Wong in an official statement said, the partnership with Xerox has one clear goal, to help save as many lives as possible. “For all of us, this will be the most important thing we ever do.”

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