“No Salary Cuts or Job Loss during Lockdown”: ESL Management

Bokaro: Vedanta Electrosteel Steels Limited (ESL) at Siyaljori in Chandankiyari is taking all required measures to adhere to social distancing measures within the plant, in the interest of its workforce. In view of making the lockdown conditions more effective, the company has scaled down its operations and is only running critical units of the plant with reduced workforce, informed S Venkataraman Chief People Officer ESL.

On Sunday ESL management issued a statement clarifying that there will be “no salary cuts or job loss for its workforce, during the lockdown.”

Workforce belonging to enabling services or non-core operations or stopped units have been advised work-from-home to avoid unnecessary gathering and maintain social distancing at the plant, it said in the statement.

In its statement, the management has emphasized that its sincere effort to maintain social distancing by running very limited units to keep its employees safe at home during the lockdown, has been grossly misunderstood.

The company has reiterated that this is a Safety and Health Advisory issued by the Management, in the interest of its workforce, and does not tantamount to any job loss or pay cut during this lockdown period.

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