10 Indonesians preachers of Tablighi Jamaat sent to jail

RNS: Ten Indonesians preachers of Tablighi Jamaat were sent to jail after completing quarantine at ISM in Dhanbad. These Indonesians were held from the Asnabani mosque at Govindpur in Dhanbad. After attending Tablighi Jamaat congregation last month at Nizamuddin in Delhi all of them came to Dhanbad and were staying in the mosque, said Surendra Singh, OC of Govindpur police station.

“After registering an FIR, for violating visa rules, violation of the regulations under the National Disaster Management Act and non-compliance with the rules of the lockdown the police sent them to the quarantine center,” he added.

At Govindpur police station a case was registered against Andhika Fahmi, Mohammad Rizki Hidayah, Mohammad Yusuf Iskandar, Sataria Bayu Adik Putra, Ahmed Onte, Abdullo Sudiana, Undag Superman, Ahmed Hamzah, Nasruddin and Tawfiq Sagala Lababa (All Indonesia) and four Indians are Jaffar Islamudeen Munshi Ishaq and Masood Khan (both guides of Thane Shivdi Nagar), Ghulam Mustafa and Shaukat Ansari Sadar and Secretary of Asnabani respectively.

All of them had been detained and kept under quarantine at ISM. After they ended their isolation period and tested negative for Coronavirus infection, police produced them in the court and later they were sent to jail on the order of the court on Sunday, police said.

“They will also put on quarantine for the next 14 days in jail,” said police.

During past days FIRs were registered against 38 foreigners and 5 Indians associated with the Tablighi Jamaat in Jharkhand for violating visa rules, official sources informed.

An FIR was registered against 17 foreigners and one Indian in the Hindpidhi police station in Ranchi, 11 foreigners in Musabani police station at Jamshedpur and 10 foreigners and 4 Indians in Govindpur police station at Dhanbad, said the official.

At Hindpidi police station FIR lodged against Siti Ayesha Binti Daud (Malaysia), Noor Rashida Binti Tomadi (Malaysia), Noor Hayati Binti Ahmed (Malaysia), Rashida Ani Maziha (Malaysia), Noor Kamrujama Bin Abidi Rahman (Malaysia), Mahajir Bin Khamis (Malaysia)), Mohad Shafiq Bin Matisa (Malaysia), Mohammad Azim (Malaysia), Zahid Kabir (London), Shiphan Hussain Khan (London), Mahaseen Ahmed (UK), Qazi Dilawar Hussain (UK), Farooq Albert Khan (West) Indies), Mohammad Saiful Islam (Holland), Musa Jalab (Trinidad), Nadeem Khan (Trinidad), Firming Sese (Trinidad) and Haji Miraz (Nala Road, Hindpidhi).

While FIR lodged in Musabani police station against Gulomiddin Abdullah (Kyrgyz Republic), Zhanerbek Sinali (Kyrgyz Republic), Islanbek Nurgaji (Kyrgyz Republic), Rustam Nurkerim Ullu (Kyrgyz Republic), Zakir Chia Kusuno (Kazakhstan), Ilias Mayanow (Kazakhstan), Shakir Shan Akhunav (Kazakhstan), Dehia Ye (China), Mayeril Ma (China) and Menai Ma (China).

Besides violation of VISA rules, cases of violation of the regulations under the National Disaster Management Act and non-compliance with the rules of lockdown were also filed against them, said the official.

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