Nothing is possible without good Interpersonal Skills: Verma

Ranchi: An Online International Technical Session on “Interpersonal Skills for Personality Development” has been organized at Sarala Birla University (SBU), Ranchi on Wednesday.

The session was organised by the Department of Humanities and Yoga, SBU in the various fields in Arts, Commerce, Yoga, Engineering and Management was taken by Pradeep Kumar Verma, CEO and VC (I/C) of SBU.

Speaking on the occasion Verma focused on the importance of Interpersonal Skills for Personality Development in the present scenario of our country. He attracted the attention of the readers and students towards the importance of Interpersonal Skills and further explained that in the fast-changing competitive world; nothing is possible without good Interpersonal Skills.

He said, good and popular people are always socially accepted by society. There is both good and evil inside the society, but just like a bee, one must keep a vision of the good.  He further said that giving suggestion is an art which should be suited to one’s own conduct in the light of time, and situation. “There should be a sense of forgiveness under a good personality. Forgiveness is not a favour, but a path to nobility and peace. Darkness can never eliminate darkness. A forgiving person is acceptable and popular,” he added.

Addressing the session Verma took an example of Maharishi Dadhichi and explains that we should establish our own personality like Maharishi by taking a sense of being. Human beings should be polite and kind. Good human beings never fail. “Many people fail nearing success due to lack of patience. Success and failure should always be equitable in both situations. The way to move from evil to good is to practice virtues in your life,” said Verma.

Varma again explained that the sense of taking credit is a type of demerit. There is a correlation between feeling and sensitivity. Only a sensitive person can overcome. He said that the feeling of excitement with hope and the feeling of inferiority from disappointment is strengthened.

Success often comes from a sense of happiness. Success is enshrined in our lives, but we do not realize them. Verma also focused on the importance of good habit and positive attitude by saying that continuous practice and hard work are one key to success.

Beside others,  Prof. (Dr.) V.K. Singh, Registrar of SBU, Ranchi, Manish Kumar, Manager P/A, Dr. S. K. Singh, Dean Academic,   Dean ID and CS Prof Sanjeev Bajaj, DSW, Rahul Vats, Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sinha, Dr. Radha Madhab Jha, Dr. Partha Paul, Prof. Megha Sinha,  Dr. Amrita Sarkar, Mr. Subhankar Ghatak, Dr.Sanjeev Kumar, Dr. Pooja Mishra, Dr. Ria Mukherji, Prof. Ashok Ashthana, Prof. Aditi Singh, Prof. LG Honey Singh, Bhardwaj Shukla,  University students including Technical staff were present in the Session.



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