“India will become self-reliant only through the capital of diligence & skill”: Indresh

RNS: “India will become self-reliant only through the capital of diligence and skill,” said Indresh Kumar, Chief Patron and Mentor of Forum for Awareness in National Security (FANS) and also a national executive member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Kumar was addressing to National webinar organsied by National Security Jagran Manch. Speaking on the occasion he said, “PM is having constant talks and discussion with the Chief Ministers, Giving them leadership, communicating with diverse sections on their behalf.”

Speaking on the use of products manufactured in the country to meet the economic challenges posed by the Coronavirus, Indresh said, “It is a pleasant departure from the current policy based on globalization and liberalization, especially on the foreign capital-based model of development.”

He said that through PM’s ‘Swadeshi Swalamban Abhiyan’, the platform will create awareness on the importance of ‘Swadeshi’ and self-reliance in the country.

“Self-reliance can be achieved by revitalizing indigenous industry including small industries, small traders, artisans and rural industries and its goal is to increase inclusiveness with speed in employment generation,” he added.

Blaming the past policymakers for their dependence on imported products in the country, he said that his organization never relied on indigenous intelligence, resources and knowledge and placed excessive emphasis on foreign capital and multinationals.

“We call upon all patriotic citizens and industry to join enthusiastically with this Swadeshi Swalamban Abhiyan” to infuse the economy of the country on the basis of local intelligence, resources, knowledge, entrepreneurship and human values, said Indresh.

He also emphasised on the issue of adopting local goods and food products, living a balanced life in his family and developing the minimum cost of living.

Chairman of FANS Pawan Bajaj gave a welcome speech introducing the speakers and topic.  He expressed the role of emergency services rendered by doctors and other authorities in critical times.

Sandeep Kumar, Vice President of FANS and Associate Professor of Sarla Birla University, Ranchi introduced Indresh Kumar the Chief Speaker of the National Webinar.

Treasurer of FANS, Rathin Bhadra gave a vote of thanks. In this program, the National Organization Minister of Fans, Golak Bihari, Dr. Amar Kumar Chaudhary, National Secretary, Bihar and Jharkhand, Honourary Secretary Saket Modi, Joint Secretary Raja Bagchi, Dr. Hariharan, Dr. Raghavendra Kumar, Dr. Shivendra Prasad, Ex Judge Ramesh Kumar Merathia along with others were present during the webinar.



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