SBU observes International Yoga Day

Ranchi: Yoga transforms the body and mind leads one on the path to greater self-discovery, said Smita Brahmachari, a yoga instructor from Germany.

“Yoga – the ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice definitely brings unison of the body and the consciousness with the surroundings and nature,” she added.

Smita was addressing the online Yoga session— “Yoga at Home”, organized by Yoga and Natural Medicine Department of Sarla Birla University Ranchi and National Service Planning Unit. On the occasion of the sixth International Yoga Day, two Yoga sessions were organsied from home with marinating the social distancing.

Smita is the founder of iTuitionStar, a qualified well-being coach, working with a variety of clients who are looking for positive ways to deal with life’s pressures including stress, anxiety, concentration, overwhelm, frustration and self-doubt. She draws from positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness to help clients strengthen their personal awareness and build greater resilience to more powerfully navigate the challenges, opportunities and goals within their personal and/or professional life.

She believes “Vedas”, “Geeta”, “Upanishads” and “Puranas” has all the answers to our questions and preaches the benefits of Ayurveda. She strikes a balance between the modern world and naturopathy and talks about how seamlessly we can incorporate them in our lives. She has won numerous awards in very young age; some of them are “youngest astrologer award”, “State-level Yoga Championship”, “Best Sanskrit Recitation award” and “Best Geeta Chanting award”.

She currently resides in Munich, Germany but travels around the world for her hunger of knowledge and shares it too. A former marketing consultant, a mum of two young girls who was definitely feeling overwhelmed as she strived to achieve a happy work-life balance; she is a living testimony to the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into her life.

By education, she is an Engineer and MBA but she considers her greatest educators are the pain, joy and growth from life’s ups and downs.

The first session was performed by Professor Kumar Rakesh Roshan Parashar under the Yoga Day Protocol from 7 to 8 am. The lecture session was conducted by Smita Brahmachari, a yoga instructor from Germany from 12-30 to 1:30 pm.

A webinar was organized on the subject of Yoga for Healthy Living in the university, in which the Yoga instructors from Germany Smita Brahmachari was made aware of the importance and method of yoga. He said that if we organize and discipline our daily routine, we can get all-round health benefits.

On this occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of the University, in-charge Vice-Chancellor Pradeep Kumar Verma said that our body is the first medium to achieve the goal, therefore, it becomes our first duty to keep our body and mind healthy and for this, our Maharishis invented great science like yoga.

On this occasion, the university’s Registrar Prof (Dr) Vijay Kumar Singh said that yoga is really a science of living life; we can achieve healthy and long life by following the path of yoga.

Prof. Kumar Rakesh Roshan Parashar, Head of the Department of Yoga and Naturopathy, guided the participants in practising Yoga. University’s Dean IED and CS Prof Sanjeev Kumar Bajaj conducted the program.

Besides others, Dr Shyam Kishore Singh, Program Coordinator of NSS, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sinha, Program Officer Megha Sinha, Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Dr Radha Madhav Jha, Dr Partha Pal, Prof. Sandeep Kumar, Prof. Rahul Vats, Dr Riya Mukherjee, Dr Pooja Mishra, Bhardwaj Shukla, Ajay Kumar, Praveen Kumar, Dilip Mahato, Shikha Rai were also present during the Yoga session.




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