“Coronil” gets a green nod, now will be available across the country

“Coronil” gets a green nod as a Covid-19 management drug

Haridwar: Patanjali will now market Ayurvedic combination “Coronil” as immunity-boosting ‘COVID-19 management drug’ and not as COVID-cure drug as was initially announced by the promoter.

Announcing the availability of Ayurvedic Coronil— the immunity-boosting medicine across the country from now on, yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday said that all issues with the Ayush ministry have been resolved and their ayurvedic medicine has been labelled as a ‘Covid-19 management drug’ by the ministry.

The Ministry accepted the yoga guru’s claim saying that the herbal formulation will not be sold as a cure for the coronavirus but as immunity booster to manage the disease.

Addressing a press conference Baba Ramdev said that his firm Patanjali Yogpeeth followed all due legal procedures in carrying out clinical control trials of Coronil, Swasari and Anu Taila on COVID-19 positive patients. He also pointed out that after carrying out successful clinical control drug trials on asymptomatic and mild patients; Patanjali is also carrying out advanced stage research on serious patients.

“Our COVID-19 immunity boosters are solely abstract and compounds of Ayurvedic herbs like Giloy, Tulsi, Ashwagandha and have been effective in the treatment of coronavirus patients.

“Soon this COVID-19 immunity booster kit will be available across the country and we are in talks with those States also where due to some confusion the sale of Coronil was being opposed,” said Swami Ramdev.

He pointed out that right through from licence seeking process, clinical trials, scientific documentation to submission of all the requisite documents pre and post trials, Patanjali followed each and every rule but undue confusion and doubts were created to malign their sincere efforts on creating an immunity-boosting Ayurvedic medicine for Covid-19.

“The drug mafia, MNCs and anti-national forces want me in jail,” he said.

Acharya Balakrishna, general secretary of Patanjali Yogpeeth, said that Patanjali has carried out clinical trials for more than 10 diseases like dengue, hypertension, asthma, swine flu and it’s not the first time that they are conducting virology trials.


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