FANS discusses on aggressive policy of China in the Indian Pacific region

Ranchi: Aiming to discuss the aggressive policy of China (Indo Pacific Region: China Containment Policy) in the Indian, Pacific region, a nationwide webinar organized by Forum for Awareness of National Security (FANS) on Tuesday.

Addressing to the webinar Golok Bihari Rai, National General Secretary, FANS briefed about the expansionist policies of China. He also outlined the anti China QUAD alliance and its importance.

He said, Nowadays, a new situation arises in the Indian, Pacific region due to China. China is pursuing its expansionist policy with considerable aggression. His nature has always been an extension of aggression, he said.

“Present China has never been such a big country of the Northeast. Earlier it was a group of only five states, but in the year 2007 it becomes four cornered quads. Its purpose is to use marine capabilities for disaster situations,” added Rai.

Quad is engaged in to build humanitarian disaster process mechanisms besides working for other platforms like Connectivity, Sustainable Development, Counter Terrorism, Maritime and Cyber ​​Security.

Meanwhile, the four-nation alliance between the US, Australia, Japan and India is preparing to respond to China’s expansionist policy. Beijing is busy strengthening itself in the South China Sea, assuming a major role for India in the Indo-Pacific region, he said adding “In 2017, all four members (US, Australia, Japan and India) reactivated the alliance to counter China’s aggressive attitude in the South China Sea. Since then alliances of these four countries have come up several times with the objective of promoting free and open Indo-Pacific region.”

Indraesh Kumar, Chief Patron of FANS and National Executive Member, RSS in his key note address said, China’s new policies China’s current policy is a crisis and a grave challenge for mankind. “It is a significant threat to humanity,” he added.

Kumar also cautioned Nepal for his close allies with the expansionist country like China.

Prof. Srikanth Kondapalli from Centre for EAST Asian Studies, JNU in his address talked about the conceptualization of Indo-Pacific Idea and maritime order, disputes and freedom of navigation. He also emphasizes on the importance and togetherness of QUAD members to counter the Chinas containment.

Dr. Jagannath P Panda, Research fellow and Coordinator of Manohar Parrikar IDSA, New Delhi gave presentation on how China became powerful in recent years and its impact on global economy and military, security aspects.

K.M. Gupta Doctoral Candidate from CEAS, JNU talked about the shift in policies by the US government on China from time to time. He compared the Obama’s Government policy and present Trump’s government policy on China and their impacts.

He emphasizes that how USA can play a major role on the issues like cyber space, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other domain.  He talked about modernization of military forces of India to counter China.

Besides many prominent persons from India and abroad, President of FANS Jharkhand Pawan Bajaj, Patron, FANS, Jharkhand and Registrar, Ranchi University Dr Amar Choudhary, Vice President FANS Jharkhand and Associate Professor, Sarala Birla University Dr Sandeep Kumar, Treasurer, FANS, Jharkhand Rathin Bhadra, Raja Bagchi, Dr Raghvendra Srivastava, Dr Shivendra Prasad, Dr Sanjeev Sinha,Keshri Kumar, Anup Lal, Rakesh Sinha, Manoj Kr Sinha and other dignitaries were present during the webinar.



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