China develops new Hybrid Weapon

(Image: credit Newsflash)

RNS: China has developed a type of airborne munition machine, a hybrid weapon domestically. It is an air-to-ground missile and an aircraft-guided bomb from a safe distance, which can release hundreds of bombs covering a large area. According to experts, such weapons can effectively destroy the airstrip in one shot, reported The EurAsian Times.

It has been formally classified as a guided glide dispenser bomb. It is a highly accurate, modular weapon weighing 500 kg. While critics claim that it is in fact a banned cluster bomb.

It looks like a missile, has a square cross-section to hold more bombs. According to a report by China Central Television (CCTV), the design could also reduce the weapon’s radar cross-section, thereby increasing the weapon’s latent capability.

When dropped, the dispenser can open its wings, providing it with additional lift force and controllability as well as allowing it to exceed 60 kilometers.

According to CCTV reports, the aircraft carrying it can safely drop the weapon without entering the enemy’s air defense zone.

CCTV quoted a senior engineer at the arms manufacturer, China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO), as saying that each dispenser could carry 240 bombs of six types, which would cover more than 6,000 square meters when released.

This dispenser may use anti-tank weapons when attacking tanks and groups of armored vehicles that can penetrate the tank’s armor from above. Also, this specific dispenser can deactivate an airfield for an extended period with only one shot. Because a continuous bombarding will destroy the entire runway, and it is also possible that its attack will create many mines which would be very risky to repair, told a Chinese military expert to the Global Times on anonymity.

This would provide an opportunity for significant warfare, as the enemy would not be able to use any battle aircraft. In addition to China’s J-16, JH-7 fighter bombers and H-6 bombers may also be equipped with these dispensers, the expert said.

According to a Shanghai news website,, NORINCO has also developed an airborne munition dispenser for export, including the T-500, which made its presence known at the China Airshow in previous years.

EurAsian Times quoted “a Chinese military expert (on anonymity) said, these munitions could also be an indirect warning to India and Japan. India has recently acquired French-origin Rafale Jets while Japan has inked a deal with the US to buy stealth F-35s.”




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