Bokaro artists pay musical tribute to singer Mukesh

RNS: Bokaro’s musicians paid a musical tribute to the famous music playback singer Mukesh by organizing ‘Ek Sham Mukesh Ke Naam’ at Sector 6 in Bokaro Steel City on Thursday.

Speaking on occasion renowned singer, Arun Pathak said that the songs sung by Mukesh are popular among the masses. “Mukesh Ji gave a wonderful expression of the joys and sorrows of life with his singing and vocal melody”, he opined. Dr. Rakesh Ranjan a tabalist, said that Mukesh ji gave his voice to the suffering and feelings of the common man, he will always be remembered. Convener of this evening Rakesh Singh remarked that Mukesh ji has the credit for bringing international fame to Indian film music.

In Sangeet Sandhya, Arun Pathak and singer Anju Yadav sang duet songs ‘Sawan ka mahina …’, ‘O mere Sanam ….’, ‘ Ek pyar ka nagama..’. Arun also sang solo songs like ‘Duniya se Jaane wale jane chale jatein hain…’, ‘Jinake hridaye sri Ram base..’, ‘Diwano se ye mat poocho …’, ‘Dunia banana wale…’.

Arun also sang duet with Kamleswari likes of ‘Phool tumhen bheja hai khat me….,’ ‘kisi raah me kisi more par…’,  ‘Dheere-Dheere bol koi sun na le…’.

Another singer, Pran Mohan Singh gave a tribute to Mukesh ji by reciting ‘Jaane Kahan Gaye Woh din …’, ‘Sansar hai ek Nadiya …’ and Swaraj Rai presented the tune of ‘Jeena yahan marana yahan…’ on electric guitar.

In the program, Rajendra Kumar and Apoorva Singh play keyboard, Rakesh Kumar Singh on dholak, Balaram Majumdar on tabla, Manoj on octopad and Bablu on the bass guitar made the occasion musical.

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