Donations from PM, auctioning of gifts crosses Rs 103 crore

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s donations to a variety of public causes coupled with the auction proceeds of the gifts he has received up to now, including those during his time as Gujarat’s chief minister, equal more than Rs 103 crore.

One of Modi ‘s latest donations was the initial corpus of Rs 2.25 lakh to the PM CARES Fund, which was formed in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak to help any relief relating to a public health emergency or any other form of disaster, calamity or distress, sources said.

The Fund, set up in March, received Rs 3,076.62 crore in just five days following its establishment, according to an account statement released Wednesday

Highlighting Modi’s public donations, ranging from girls ‘ education to Ganga cleaning, sources noted that in 2019 he gave Rs 21 lakh from his personal savings to Kumbh Mela’s corpus fund for the welfare of health workers.

The Prime Minister had announced after winning the Seoul Peace Prize in South Korea in 2019 that the entire Rs 1.30 crore prize money will be given to the Namami Gange project, aimed at cleaning up the Ganga river, they added.

Rs 3.40 Crore was raised and donated to the cause of Namami Gange during a recent auction of mementos earned by Modi as the PM.

Modi donated Rs 21 lakh from his personal savings to the daughter of the Gujarat government workers after leaving in 2014 to take over as the country’s prime minister as the state chief minister.

He also collected Rs 89.96 crore by auctioning all the gifts he got as chief minister and donating this to the girl child’s education programme, the Kanya Kelavani Fund.

The PM also initiated the auctioning of gifts he had collected in 2015 and raised Rs 8.35 crore, with the money being channelled to the Namami Gange Project, sources said.


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