NML Celebrates 79th CSIR Foundation Day on virtual platform

RNS: The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) – National Metallurgical Laboratory today celebrated the 79th CSIR Foundation Day through a virtual platform (MS Team). Soma Mondal, Director (Commercial), SAIL was present on the occasion as Chief Guest.

The function started with CSIR-NML’s documentary film depicting CSIR-NML’s contributions over the last 70 years in the area of minerals, metals, materials and metallurgy, followed by a video showcasing CSIR’s contributions in combat COVID 19 pandemic.

Dr. Indranil Chattoraj, Director, NML welcomed the Chief Guest, NML Retirees, and CSIR-NML’s employees and guests present in the virtual meeting. Dr. Chattoraj quoted the greetings of Hon’ble Prime Minister, to CSIR, in which he had indicated that CSIR was at the forefront of furthering scientific research and innovation in India and that CSIR had also been playing a valuable role in fighting COVID-19.

Soma Mondal appreciated the CSIR roles in the fight against COVID-19 and congratulated all the scientific staff associated with R&D work for mitigating Coronavirus. In her CSIR Foundation day lecture, she mentioned that CSIR as well as CSIR-NML has been playing a key role in building a nation by carrying out research and development work in various areas, including materials and metallurgical research. The passion for doing good R&D would definitely contribute to developing stronger economic growth in India. In her foundation day lecture, Mondal emphasized green technology solutions for steel production and how SAIL is involved in implementing green technologies through waste utilization, carbon capture, improved water management and energy-efficient processes.

CSIR Foundation Day awards/mementos were announced for meritorious students, for CSIR-NML’s employees who had completed 25 years of services in CSIR, and for those who had superannuated in the last 12 months. Dr. S. Tarafder, Advisor Management proposed the vote of thanks.

The meritorious student who scored 90 percent marks in each of the minimum three science subjects in class 12 examination; for securing 100 percent marks in any science subject were felicitated on the occasion. The students who got felicitated were S. Thrisha, Srikar Verma, Ivan Jacob Thomas, Dibyaranjan Mishra.

Ankur Mehta who got admission at IIM, Bangalore was also felicitated.

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