UGC releases GARP— guidance to promote Good Academic Research

RNS: The UGC e-released a guidance document recently to strengthen the curbing of plagiarism and academic quality studies titled “Good Academic Research Practices” (GARP). It will give the general framework for strengthening research integrity by focusing on good practices and potential threats.

The guidance offers a structure for reinforcing the quality of research with an emphasis on best practices and possible risks. It manages how it is possible to verify fabrication, misrepresentation, plagiarism.

K Vijay Raghavan, the Principal Scientific Advisor of the Government of India said, GARP will assist researchers in coordinating and preparing their topics, rather than conducting the work through proper documentation and ensuring the stockpiling of knowledge.

The 56-page record is intended to provide the best mentorship to specialists, help them select the right distribution, publication, and monitor them from submitting to ruthless journals.

During the e-release of the paper, UGC vice-chairman Bhushan Patwardhan claimed that they needed to outline this paper for GARP. Good academic research practices will enhance the nation’s standard of academic research.

Patwardhan said that the best practice is a practice that has been shown to function in a way that is better than various strategies after some time. At the stage where this preparation becomes a piece of life, it becomes a decent activity. It translates into a decent practice at the end of the day when a best practice is pursued over a period of time.


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