Combinations of Homeopathy medicines are preventive, curative in fight against Coronavirus

RNS: Combinations of homeopathy medicines are preventive in COVID-19 infection. It is effective in the prevention of Noval Coronavirus (nCoV) infections, claimed homeopathy medicine practitioners.

Many patients who recently won the battle against COVID-19 and fully cured and recovered after taking homeopathy medicines also claimed that homeopathy medicines are very much effective.

Though, there are several people who have claimed that homeopathy medicines are quite effective in the prevention of Coronavirus infection. As they have used this medicine to avoid the infection of COVID-19.

Vijay Kumar Gawaliya and Priya, both are bank employees and presently residing at Tupkadih about 15 kms from the district headquarter of Bokaro, claimed that they were tested COVID-19 positive and recently cured after taking combinations of homeopathy medicines prescribed by Dr Arun Sahabadi.

At first we were quite scared after knowing our reports that, “we are tested positive with COVID-19”, but we became completely healthy after taking the medicines for a few days in a row, said Vijay and Priya.

“Now we are fully cured and quite healthy,” added Priya.

Meanwhile, several others including Gautam Mishra a resident of Co-operative Colony, P P Thakur (Sector 8), Vijay Srivastava, Satyanand Tiwari, Shankar Prasad (), Gangadhar Kumar, Nityanand Panday, Rajender Ram, B Singh, Manoj Kumar (Sector 3), B K Singh (Dhanbad), Rupali (Dhanbad), Md Shams Tabrej Ansari (Ukrid), Manoj Kumar Singh (Agardih), Punam Sinha (B S City) claimed that feared over the infection (COVID-19) they are still using a combination of homeopathy medicines in a bid to keep themselves prevent form the infection.

‘With using the medicines, I and my family are still safe from the coronavirus infections,’ said Shankar.

Dr Arun Sahabadi a city-based homeopathy practitioner claimed that homeopathy medicines can prevent the infection from spreading inside the body. Homeopathy treatment could offer a solution to the Novel Coronavirus infection, which hits a person’s upper respiratory system, leading to serious illness or even death.

There are many medicines available in homeopathy for the successful and authenticate treatment of bronchitis, cough, cold, flu, including others depending upon the symptoms and disorders of the patients, he said.

“Homeopathy can be highly effective in treating chronic and long-term health conditions, and it has also been found that constitutional medicines not only cure the illness but also improve the immune system of the body, thus avoiding further illness occurrences,” he said. “Homeopathy therapy and drugs are also cost-effective,” he said.

I am assured, that homeopathy medicines may prove a boon in the fight against Coronavirus, said Dr Arun.

I have long experience with homeopathy drugs in the treatment of patients with various ailments. According to my experience and the latest studies and research on the Sars-Cov-2 virus, including the symptoms observed in infected patients, I can ensure that homoeopathy is successful in preventing infections with the virus, said Dr. Vandana another practitioner.

“Novel Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that causes illnesses ranging from the common cold to acute respiratory syndromes, can be cured within 72 hours after taking a combination of three-four homeopathy medicines till three days,” she added.

There is no need to stop other ongoing treatments as well as medicines during taking the homeopathy medicines; it can also be used along with Allopathic medicines.

“The patients on ventilators can also be treated. This medicine (combination) can be used by applying (rubbing) on his palm and feet on the interval of every 2 hours, which can give a good result in the next 12 hours,” added Dr Vandana.





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