Amidst Coronavirus pandemic BSL performs well, sets production records

RNS I Bokaro: Recovering from the challenges of Kovid-19, the Bokaro Steel Plant continues to perform well, which continued in November. Various departments of the plant have succeeded in setting many new records by improving their performance in the month of November, informed BSL Public Relations official.

The plant has recorded the best ever production of 3,81,076 tonnes of hot metal in the series of production records in November and the best 106281 tonnes production of in CR saleable coil in the month of November.

Many new monthly production records were also established in November, including the production of 100162 tonnes of CR Coil for saleable, 60815 tonnes produced from PLTCM of CRM-3 and 56202 tonnes of CR saleable (CRM-3), said the official.

Apart from this, a new monthly record has also been set in CDI injection last month, he said.

In November, Blast Furnace-3 has also created a new daily record by injecting the highest 110 kg per ton of hot metal CDI. Bokaro Steel Plant reported oven pushing 15.4% in November 20 as compared to November 19, 2.5% in Gross Sinter, 25.3% in Hot Metal, 5.6% in Cast Slab, 22.8% in Crude Steel, 4.8% in HR Coil, 4.3% in CR saleable (CRM-1 & 2) and CR saleable (CRM-3) ) Has registered an increase of 39.3%, celebrity steel 8.1% and special steel production 47.3%, informed the official.

In the dispatch of its products also, Bokaro Steel Plant achieved growth of 10.2% in HR Quil, 7% in HR Plate / Sheet, 15.4% in CR saleable and 11.6% in saleable Steel in November 20 as compared to November 2019.

On Monday, Executive Director (Operations) Atanu Bhowmick also visited the CRM-3 department and congratulated the employees on the excellent performance of CRM-3 and encouraged them.

The team of Bokaro Steel Plant under the leadership of Director-in-Charge Amarendu Prakash is committed to continuously improve the level of its performance and is looking to take the plant to new heights.


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