Cabinet approves assistance of Rs 3,500 crore for sugarcane farmers

RNS I  New Delhi: The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved assistance of Rs. 3,500 crore for sugarcane farmers on Wednesday.

“Cabinet has taken the decision to help farmers directly by depositing money of subsidy into their accounts. It will benefit five crore farmers and five lakh workers,” said Prakash Javadekar, Information and Broadcasting Minister in a media briefing. CCEA also approved a revised cost estimate of the North Eastern Region Power System Improvement Project for six States for strengthening of the Intra-State Transmission and Distribution Systems, he said.

The projects reflect the Government’s commitment to the total economic development of the North Eastern Region and to strengthen the Intra-State Transmission and Distribution Infrastructure in the Region.

Javadekar said, implementation of the scheme will create a reliable power grid and improve North Eastern States’ connectivity to the upcoming load centers and thus extend the benefits of grid-connected power to all categories of consumers in the North Eastern Region.

The Cabinet also approved the auction of spectrum in 700 megahertz, 800 megahertz, 900 megahertz, 1800 megahertz, 2100 megahertz, 2300 megahertz and 2500 megahertz frequency bands, for the validity period of 20 years.

Talking to media persons the minister said, Communication and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, a total of 2251.25 megahertz is being offered with a total valuation of Rs. 3,92,332.70 crore at the reserve price.

The Cabinet has given its approval for Memorandum of Understanding between the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), India and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), United States of America (USA) for exchange of information and experiences in areas of mutual interest to both in the electricity sectors.

Considering the need to ensure India’s national security, the Cabinet today accorded approval for the National Security Directive on Telecommunication Sector. Briefing media, Communications and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, under the provisions of the Directive, in order to maintain the integrity of the supply chain security, Government will declare a list of Trusted Sources/ Trusted Products for the benefit of the Telecom Service providers.

The list of equipment to be covered under this Directive and the methodology to designate ‘Trusted Products’ will be devised by the Designated Authority who is the National Cyber Security Coordinator, NCSC.

Telecom Service Providers are required to connect new devices which are designated Trusted Products. The Designated Authority will make its determination based on the approval of a committee headed by Deputy NSA.

The committee will consist of members from relevant departments or Ministries and will also have two members from the industry and an independent expert.

The Committee will be called the National Security Committee on Telecom. A list of ‘Designated Sources’ from whom no procurement can be done may also be created.

The present Directive does not envisage mandatory replacement of the existing equipment already inducted in the networks of the Telecom Service Providers.

The Directive will also not affect ongoing Annual Maintenance Contracts or s to existing equipment already inducted in the network as on date of effect of the Directive.

From among the sources declared as ‘Trusted Source’ by the Designated Authority, those which meet the criteria of Department of Telecom’s Preferential Market Access Scheme will be certified as Indian Trusted Sources.

The National Security Committee on Telecom will take measures to increase use of equipment from such ‘Indian Trusted Sources’.

Guidance for the manner in which the ‘Enhanced Supervision’ and ‘Effective Control’ could be maintained by Telecom Service Providers will be issued by Designated Authority at regular intervals.

The Department of Telecom will suitably modify its guidelines and ensure monitoring of compliance by Telecom Service Providers.

The Designated Authority will put in place a portal for easy upload of applications by Telecom Service Providers and equipment vendors.

It will improve ease of doing business by providing a predictable assessment methodology to Telecom Service Providers and equipment vendors.

The Department of Telecom will make appropriate modifications in the license conditions for the implementation of the provisions of the Directive.

The policy will come into operation after 180 days from the date of approval.

This step has been taken to strengthen national security and further Atmanirbhar Bharat objectives through the involvement of all stakeholders within government and in the private sector.


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