Bokaro on the global fitness initiative map

# 39 Sports Centers to be developed in and around Bokaro

Bokaro: To promote sports and events for the well being of mass, around 39 sports centers were soon to be developed in the Bokaro Steel’s township area and its periphery.

All these sports centers would be developed for the sports activities includes Volleyball, Badminton, Handball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabbidi and for the Walking Tracks, informed Jaideep Sarkar, Lead Officer and Project Director, of the Global Active City Programme Bokaro.

“Our vision is to build a healthy city and healthy society through sports so that our citizens and the coming generations can become the toppers in every field,” he added.

Bokaro Steel City is a planned city established and maintained by Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) and well known as ‘Educational’ and ‘Steel’ hub. Now the city is turning as ‘Sports Hub’; got the place in the worldwide list of ‘Active Well-being Initiative Network’ sponsored by the IOC Committee.

On 19 January last year, Bokaro received the “Global Active Partner City” (GAC) standard and is the first city in India and second in Asia to get this prestigious standard. After Karasiyaka in Turkey (the first city), Bokaro is the second city in India to get the prestigious tag, he said.

Bokaro Steel City is now connected to the Global Active City (GAC) network under the ‘nucleus mission’ protected and supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and destined by the United Nations standards of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This core project (through the IOC) attempts to give the community a fresh direction by linking the Bokaro city to the Olympics to enable the local residents to be prepared by a healthy and functional environment in many areas he said.

Meanwhile, the district administrations in co-ordination with Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) management are at work to promote sports for the well being of the people residing here.

Today, on the eve of SAIL Foundation Day, BSL management launched a ‘Calendar of Events’ to promote sports for the well beings of the residents. The management released consolidate action plan to promote sports on the grassroots level.

Implementation of the sports activities released by the BSL management and district administration will prove to be a milestone that will illuminate every section of the society and will become an example for the entire Indian sports world, said Jaideep.

“The world’s largest youth population will definitely strengthen India numerically and qualitatively in the times to come,” added Jaideep.

“Especially during 2021 plant management is on move to promote sports amid maintaining Coronavirus protocol and social distancing norms. Several sports events, including Marathon, Cycle Race, Online Chess Competition, Gramin Athletics Meet including other events would be organised very shortly,” informed M K Dhan COC of BSL.

‘We appealed to all residents of the city to come forward to take part in all sports events for the wellness,’ he said.

Under the Global Active Partner City programme, an awareness vehicle was flagged off today from MKM Stadium to keep the people of the city active and healthy.

Giving heartfelt greetings and best wishes to all for the SAIL Day, Deputy Commissioner Bokaro Rajesh Singh said that everyone should remain active and fit only then a healthy society can be built.


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