Health Insurance benefits to Handicrafts workers soon

Bokaro: In a bid to provide a fair price for handicrafts and to create a creative link to sell their art at the market in the different parts of the country, a two-day workshop was organized at Bokaro.

Organised by Jharcraft Bokaro and sponsored by the Development Commissioner Office (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India inaugurated by  LDM Dineshwar Rana at New Prabhat Hotel Chas, informed DPRO Bokaro.

Speaking on the occasion Rana said, ‘in the Indian tradition handicrafts occupy a prominent place.’

“The goods manufactured from it are not only objects but also have religious and cultural significance. The handicrafts represent the cultural diversity and lifestyle of the country. Every region gets its own products from its own peculiarity,” added Rana.

In this era of competition, all the handicraft workers have to maintain the quality of their products then only they will be able to continue and stay in the market for a long time, he said.

We are providing a platform to train and skilled-up them and also to sell their products in the national market. “It would be definitely going to assist the handicraft workers,” he added.

During the workshop, Ajay Kumar Cluster Manager Jharcraft explained how to sell the product in the market. He said, ‘market is the same, where the buyer and seller meet, we have to make our product in different variants (designer) only then our product will be available to compete for the market.’

“The product will have to be priced according to the customer,” he added.

“Aiming to provide better health facilities all handicrafts workers will be given benefits under the National Health Insurance scheme operated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,” said Kumar.


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