ESL making progress towards sustainability through plantation drives

Bokaro: ESL Steel Limited has conducted a mega plantation drive under which 7000 saplings were planted along with their plant’s 6 kilometer-long Vedanta. ESL piloted the project with an aim to increase the green cover and reduce carbon emissions released from the vehicles plying on and around the lane. The initiative has also resulted in beautification across the ESL plant area, said a Public Relation Official of ESL.

As a responsible brand, ESL has constantly displayed massive consideration to the environment by choosing sustainability over everything else. Its healthy practices and environment-centric initiatives have helped and inspired many. The company plans to continue its practices dedicated to community wellbeing and healthy living through several other projects lined up for the future.

Earlier this year, ESL ran a campaign under which 800 trees were planted in its Steel Melting Shop (SMS) area with an aim to direct its employees’ minds in constructive activities that have positive outcomes. The campaign saw active participation from the employees who enthusiastically helped each other in planting the saplings.

Speaking on the occasion, Sadhna Verma, Head HSE, ESL Steel Ltd said, “I am super thrilled to witness plantation drives of this scale. They are not only beautifying the areas but also great for the environment. I am glad that I belong to an organization that truly cares for the community’s wellbeing and the eco-system. Together, we stay committed to such initiatives and will continue doing good work.”

Keeping their vouch to plant at least one sapling on their birthdays, employees of SMS gathered and celebrated by planting trees and saplings in the SMS area. In continuation with the tradition, employees of Lime and Dolo followed suit and planted saplings to mark their birthdays.


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