A man stitches wife’s private part with wire in suspect of an extra-marital affair

RNS: In a brutal incident, a man stitched the private part of his wife with copper wire as he suspected that she had an illicit relationship with another person. The incident occurred in Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh.

Talking to the media persons, Superintendent of Police Shagun Gautam said that the woman had accused the husband of assault and inhuman acts. The accused has been arrested after registering a case.

“The woman has been sent for medical examination. Legal action will be taken against the accused,” added SP.

Meanwhile, the accused husband said that he works hard to meet every need of the wife. But his wife was cheating on him. She is having an illicit relationship with another person. He further said that he got angry and set the stitches with wire on her private parts.

According to the victim, her husband suspects that I am having illicit relation with another. “On Saturday, around 6 o’clock in the morning, I was sleeping. Suddenly, my husband rushed, overpowered on me, caught my hands, and then stuffed a piece of cloth in my mouth. Then he made stitches in my private parts,” she said.

According to police, the woman had previously miscarried her two-month-old unborn child after her husband repeatedly struck her on the stomach, suspecting that the child was not his.

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