Vedanta opts latest technologies for water conservation; Reuses 282.65 million cubic metres of water

RNS: Vedanta has recycled 282.65 million cubic metres of water for the past four years as part of its philosophy of sustainable and responsible development. Vedanta’s contribution to sustainable development involves protecting water quality since it has undertaken 19 water conservation initiatives to minimise water use through its businesses, informed a Public Relations Official of Vedanta Electrosteel (ESL) Bokaro.

We at Vedanta believe in using natural resources carefully and wisely and are investing in the latest technologies and systems for water conservation. Recycling and treatment of industrial wastewater are important for gyro liquid discharge. The company has incorporated efficient water use systems, state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plants by assessing water management throughout its operations, said the official.

The company has incorporated 3R systems Reduce, Reuse Recycle with rainwater harvesting in its operations.

The drinking water and sanitation program by Vedanta aims to provide drinking water and clean systems to local communities and has implemented the WASH initiative to develop safe and healthy habits.

Vedanta is helping farmers in drip-irrigation, treadle pumps, solar-powered water pumps and rainwater harvesting, to boost irrigation potential and reduce monsoon dependence for crops. The company is constructing tube wells, bore wells, ponds, tanks, etc., and is helping to use water for houses and irrigation.

Sunil Duggal, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Security Officer of Vedanta Group said, “Water plays a very important role in the socio-economic development of the nation and has become a limited and precious resource at a rapid pace.”

“Our approach to water management respects water use rights for all stakeholders. We have a long-term approach to water management that aims to contribute to better performance, water conservation, and sustainable water management. We regularly implement technologies and systems in all our projects to increase water consumption, increase energy productivity and protect biodiversity,” he added.

Vedanta has both water management policy and water management standards which are currently being used with all necessary measures, ensuring water management in the ongoing and innovative projects. At the same time, we also follow the norms of zero liquid discharge to ensure that groundwater is not affected by our operations, he said.

In Hindustan Zinc, water management and environmental protection is one of the most important elements here to reduce the use of pure water, maintain water quality, and manage shared water resources in mining in conjunction with communities. Hindustan Zinc has been declared a water-positive company based on an assessment made by a third-party organization. With this ratio of 2.41, Hindustan Zinc is certified among the top water conservation companies.

The Vedanta Aluminum and Power business have reduced net water consumption by 3.6 million cubic meters in FY15. The unit has reduced its consumption of net water by 4 percent in the last financial year and increased the recycling of water by 16 percent in the same period.

Cairn Oil & Gas has taken various initiatives to provide pure drinking water to rural communities. The Jeevan Amrit Project was started to provide pure drinking water to meet the local communities’ water requirement. The work of construction of community water bodies and water tanks has been started.

At ESL, the percentage of recycling of treated water from ETP, the effluent treatment plant, has increased from 12 percent in FY 2017-18 to 26 percent in FY 20-21, while 100 percent of the generated wastewater is reintroduced into the system after treatment.

Several measures have been taken under Project Swajal to provide safe drinking water to local communities here.

Nanda Ghar also organised World Water Day, underlining the importance of water in the lives of thousands of children, mothers, and community members where water is a crisis and pure drinking water is scarce. Also highlights the necessary reforms for access to water, sanitation facilities and sanitation in the country.

Nanda Ghar has provided access to clean water and sanitation facilities to its beneficiaries and brought about positive change, said the official.

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