ESL CEO, wife gets COVID-19 shot

Bokaro: ESL Steel Limited, CEO, Pankaj Malhan and his wife Seema Malhan have got vaccinated for COVID-19. This is their first dose of the vaccine. ESL Steel Limited is all set to soon launch a COVID vaccination drive to secure the lives of its employees.

The CEO got vaccinated today to lead from the front and encourage all employees to get vaccinated and stay safe from the Coronavirus.

Speaking on the occasion, Malhan said, “In the last few weeks cases of Coronavirus infection have been increasing all over the country in a second wave of the virus attack. As such, it becomes imperative for all of us to get protected from the virus as soon as possible.

At ESL Steel we always put people first and will do everything to protect our people. I am taking the lead in taking the vaccine and will urge all eligible employees and their families to come forward and take the vaccine at the earliest.

Even after the vaccine, I urge the employees to not let their guard down and continue to take precautions of sanitizing their hands, following social distancing and wearing a mask at all times to protect themselves from the virus.”

He stressed that the process of vaccination was painless. He appreciated the adequate arrangements done in government and private hospitals of Jharkhand for vaccinating people in the area.

ESL Steel has already made adequate arrangements to sanitise its people in the plant by sanitizing its premises and by providing hand sanitizers and masks to keep its employees safe. Social distancing is also being maintained by all at the plant. It will continue to follow COVID-19 protocol in its plant and offices and carry awareness drives for the community people.

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