CAIT to file case against Health Ministers, Officials of states for Negligence

RNS: In view of the failure of State Governments to fight the covid resulting in a steep increase in covid numbers and total failure of maintaining adequate medical facilities, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has today launched a national program ” Self Policing Campaign” among the business community of the Country.

The CAIT today issued an advisory to more than 40 thousand business organizations across the country including advising them to ensure that in their respective markets every trader must strictly follow covid safety protocols and if any trader is found violating the safety norms, the concerned Association may impose then the concerned association should impose certain penalties against the trader so that each trader should not take any offence in adopting the safety protocol.

The CAIT said that medical systems in the country, including Delhi, have been severely shaken, there is no medical facility available and in order to ensure that no trader or his family, employees or his family and customers falls prey to covid, the CAIT has taken the self-policing campaign.

On the other hand, CAIT National President BC Bhartia and Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal told that way the health ministers of various states and the concerned officials in all the states have shown a high level of negligence on COVID which has given an increase in coronavirus cases in their particular State.

It is deeply regretted that all these ministers and officials were careless about medical facilities in proportion to increasing of COVID cases in their States remind us the idiom “Rome was burning and Nero was playing the flute”. All such ministers and officials cannot escape their responsibility, their crime is unforgivable and therefore, the CAIT has decided to go to court of law demanding strict action against these guilty persons. The team of lawyers of CAIT is preparing the draft of the case.

Bhartia and Khandelwal, while speaking about the self-policing campaign, said that in view of the negligence of the State Governments to take effective steps to combat COVID, the CAIT has been forced to call for a self-policing campaign by the traders for themselves.

They said that the easiest way is for the governments to put a lockdown but due to which, the traders are the worst sufferers biggest loss is to the traders and no Government has ever taken any step to compensate the traders for their loss. In such a situation, to avoid the situation like lockdown, now the traders have to take self-policing measures so that not only they can be protected but their families, their employees and families and their customers should be protected from the COVID pandemic.

They told that in the self-policing campaign, the CAIT in an advisory issued trade associations across the Country has advised that every shop owner should not only wear masks all the time but also instruct their employees to wear masks compulsorily,  follow the 6-foot social distance between them and their customers. The traders who sit at the retail counter must put a face shield so that they are not infected with the corona.  All traders must keep sanitiser and some masks at their shop and if any customer comes without a mask, then give him the mask. No goods should be given to any person who is not wearing the mask.

Bhartia and Khandelwal said that due to the negligence of all the state governments including Delhi, medical facilities have collapsed all over the country. Despite the government’s lofty claims, the reality is that neither hospitals have beds, no ICUs, no ventilators, no medicines and people are dying on the streets.

In such a situation, at least we could save our traders from getting infected by the corona epidemic through a self-policing campaign.

Currently, if a person is infected with covid it is almost difficult to get a medical facility. From this point of view, it is essential to prevent corona infection and traders will be fully active in preventing COVID at their level through this campaign.

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