“Oxygen crusade”: BSL ramps up LMO production three folds

—supplies over 5.5 MT LMO in April

Bokaro : Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) is consistently providing Medical Oxygen (MO) to the cylinder fillers and hospitals amidst a severe shortage and increased demand for LMO during the ongoing COVID-19 second wave.

Notably, India saw a massive surge in COVID-19 cases during this second wave, which set a new global record. The pandemic has left many infected people struggling to find treatment, with hospitals overcrowded and many running out of oxygen.

Since August 2020, BSL has supplied more than 10,000 MT of LMO to the hospitals in different states, informed Mani Kant Dhan, Chief of Communication BSL.

“From 1 April 21 to 6 May we have supplied 5,520.27 MT of LMO to different hospitals in several states includes Jharkhand (1100.09 MT), UP (1866.80 MT), Bihar (1211.76 MT), West Bengal (28.41 MT), Punjab (475.30 MT), Maharashtra (19.13 MT), Andhra Pradesh (54.78 MT) and Madhya Pradesh (764.00 MT),” added Dhan.

Supplies of LMO are still on during this ongoing COVID-19 second wave as per the requirements. Earlier, we were producing 50 MT of LMO per day used for steel making and for oxygen enrichment in Blast Furnaces, apart from some general purposes like lancing and gas cutting, he said.

“Now we have ramped up the production, everyday we are producing 150 T of LMO in association with INOX Air Pvt. Ltd. at BSL and supplying the entire as per the requirements,” he added.

BSL is ready to help the COVID patients in this time of the disaster, said Amarendu Prakash, Director-in-charge BSL. We are providing free Medical Oxygen to hospitals across the district in the battle against the Coronavirus pandemic.

“In association with district administration, we are ready to meet oxygen needs in hospitals of Bokaro. Those hospitals that need oxygen can get their empty cylinders filled at the Bokaro Steel Plant free of cost”, he added.

For this, hospital management will have to forward their application to the district administration; after that, oxygen will be filled free of cost in their cylinders at Bokaro Steel Plant, said Amarendu.

The erection work of 500 bed’s (equipped with Gaseous Oxygen- GOX) temporary hospital at Bokaro Steel City is going on a war foot basis.

This temporary hospital would be erected in a phased manner in the proper place near the plant so that oxygen can be supplied through a pipeline directly from the plant; it would also be equipped with essential equipment and facilities, he informed.

Besides these, a pipeline is also being installed at BSL’s HRD Center to deliver gaseous oxygen from the plant. “We are also at work to install some oxygen-equipped beds at the HRD center for COVID-19 patients,” he said.

Presently, 178 beds are in the existing condition for COVID-19 patients at Bokaro General Hospital (BGH).  Additional 100 beds with oxygen facilities are being prepared, installation of the gasoline pipeline is in the process directly from the plant, informed an official.

We are at work to hand over a 164 bedded COVID Care Center (all equipped with Oxygen support) at BGH (fifth floor) to the district administration Bokaro for operations. We have made 40 beds operational and already handed over to the district administration on this move, he said, adding, “Additional 124 beds will become operational at BGH in a phased manner very shortly.”

BGH is run and managed by Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), developed all the infrastructures for the CCU at its fifth floor of the hospital, and handed over to the district administration for operations.

In addition, COVID Testing (for employees and their families) has been commissioned 24×7 at BGH with a maximum capacity of 120 people per day, informed the official.


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