ESL equips itself with a Covid task force

Bokaro: Looking at the severity of the rising number of COVID cases, Vedanta ESL Steel Limited has readied a solid COVID task force and has set up two life-saving ambulances and a primary support ambulance have been stationed at the plant to meet any untoward emergency, informed Public Relations Official of ESL .

Earlier this month, the company also established a special help desk for supporting COVID positive employees and their families for their daily requirements including food and medicines. Other than that, an OHC helpdesk for information sharing and medical queries was established, said the official.

N.L Vatte, CEO, ESL Steel Ltd said, “At ESL, we are extremely concerned about the health of our employees as well as the rising number of cases within the country. That is why we regularly maintain and update a COVID dashboard portal to keep track of all the cases within the organisation.”

Special care has also been taken to have proactive communications on certain dos/donts. Other than that, we have taken several initiatives to curb the spread of COVID to other employees. “I thank the government for supporting us in every way possible and assure to continue helping Bihar and other states that are dealing with a crisis at present,” added Vatte.

Eager to help other states, ESL is ensuring that there is no dearth of liquid oxygen by transporting it through specially created corridors. ESL’s COVID expresses continuous to reach critical COVID-19 patients in Bihar and Punjab.

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