Dr. Umakant to represent ITK Leipzig University for South-East Asia

RSN: Dr. Umakant Singh, a resident of Bokaro, Jharkhand, India, has been commendably elected as the representative for the entire South and East Asia in India by the Ambassador of ITK Leipzig University, Germany.

Dr. Umakant was elected as union speaker for South-East Asian union countries for a tenure of two years for its proposed joint venture of Global Sports interaction in collaboration with the German Olympic Sports Committee (DOSB).

Daniel Eckert Lindhammer, the Managing Director ITK Leipzig, congratulated Dr. Umakant. He said this sporting venture would commence soon with its positive reflection in India & Jharkhand.

Obviously, it is hoped that India’s first Global Active Partner City Bokaro, being the headquarter of ITK India Alumni Association will get its due sporting accolades accordingly.

Presently, around 60 ITK Ambassadors are representing ITK in their countries. We concentrate them now in seven ITK Unions in the world. Every ITK Union has one speaker. In the first time of ITK Leipzig, we organized an election of the Union Speakers, he said.

He said: seven union speakers selected from the world, every one representing each union. We are proud to introduce these representatives are Gaspard Bidias Bondoma, (ITK Francophone African Union), Dr. Umakant Singh (ITK Southeast Asian Union), Mohamad Gamal (ITK Arabic Union), Xenia Guadelupe Hernandez Navarro (ITK Central American Union), Martin Bugari (ITK South American Union), Martin Majsovski (ITK European, and Central Union) and Tuntufye Aggrey Mwambusi (ITK African Union).

ITK Leipzig already had worked in Jharkhand in past many years and has his presence in the sport World since 1964. More than 5000 Coaches from 147 countries get training from here. More than 135 Indian coaches and sport educationists completed the course from there, said Dr. Umakant.

Dr. Umakant is a resident of Bokaro Steel City and presently working as a Sports Officer at Government PG College Waidhan, Singrauli in Madhya Pradesh. He is also a Board Member of IPCA.

“Our aim is to promote Sports Education and Sports trainers in the region,” added Dr. Umakant.


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