NML organises Scientists, Science Teachers Conclave

RNS: CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (NML), Jamshedpur organised 5th Scientists & Science Teachers Conclave (SSTC) on a virtual platform. The topic of the event was “Why Materials Fail?” based on a theme ‘Visualizing Science’. The main objective of this online event was to create interest for science in school students and also to encourage students to learn science with creativity.

The virtual program started at 4 pm with a welcome address delivered by Dr. Mita Tarafder, Chief Scientist of CSIR-NML. In her address, she briefly talked about the idea behind arranging this online event. She highlighted the key suggestions given by the participants of the first conclave that was held in December 2020.

This was followed by a lecture on ‘Why Materials Fail?’ by Dr. Soumitra Tarafder, Advisor Management, CSIR-NML. He was the keynote speaker of the program and was introduced briefly by the host.

In his lecture, Dr. Tarafder discussed mainly the failure mechanisms of engineering components. He discussed the importance of mechanical properties of the material which impart resistance to failure of material components. According to him, corrosion, overload, creep and fatigue are the four major factors that lead to material failure under different circumstances. He elaborated on each of these four factors and explained the failure mechanisms.

There was a demonstration-cum-presentation by the team members of the KRIT Division of CSIR-NML. Demonstrations on ‘How to Make 3D Shapes’ were done by  Dr. Aniket Dutt, Abhash Mahato, and Indu Mahato.

The virtual event received a very good response from the participants and the program was attended by more than 150 teachers, students, scientists and professionals. The program was concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Pragati Jha, a member of the team.

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