Arun Pathak gets ‘Sahityoday Sahitya Ratna Award’ for literary service

Ashis Sinha I JNS: Arun Kumar Pathak, a well-known journalist, writer, and singer, has been honoured with the Sahitodaya Sahitya Ratna Award for his literary contributions by International Sahitya Kala Sangam (Sahitodaya).

Pathak, the President of the Bokaro Unit of the National Kavi Sangam, is a well-known figure in the fields of literature and art. On many occasions, including Subah-Sabare, Saniprab, Bhairav Mahotsav programmes organized by such as the Jharkhand government, he has spread the magic of their voices.

‘Mahakavi Vidyapati Sanskrit Ratna Samman’ was given to Arun Pathak by Rashtriya Sanskrit Prasar Parishad, Bokaro for his remarkable contribution in the field of literature and music, ‘Vipra Gaurav Samman’ by Bokaro Vipra Samaj.

He also has been honored by Rotary Club, Bokaro for his remarkable contribution to journalism. Maithili and Hindi poems of poet Arun Pathak have been published in ‘Kavya Sagar’, a common poetry collection published by Sahitodaya.

Sahityoday Kavya Sagar, published under the editing of litterateur Pankaj Pathak Priyam, is a unique collection in itself. Just as many types of divine creations are contained in an ocean, similarly there is a vast collection of almost all genres of poetry in the ocean of poetry.

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