Pandemic not over; COVID-19 cases are rising again in mass

#Germany reports record 50,196 new COVID-19 cases

RNS: Covid-19 cases are rising again in mass. Germany has reported 50,196 fresh COVID-19 cases (on Thursday) for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic as it recorded, 50,196 new COVID-19 infections, according to the Robert Koch Institute public health authority.

The total number of confirmed cronavirus cases rushed to 4.89 million. Angela Merkel, the chief of staff Helge Braun has described the rise in infections as “dramatic”.

“The pandemic is returning in a new spectacular fashion and called on regional authorities to take further steps to quell the outbreak,” a spokesperson said,.

Germany’s relatively low vaccination rates of just over 67 percent are also cited as one of the reasons for the outbreak. From Monday, Berlin will ban unvaccinated people from entering restaurants, terraces, bars, sports halls, and hairdressers.

Over 4.9 million people have been infected by COVID-19 in Germany since the beginning of the pandemic.

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