DVC achieves all time highest Hydel power generation of 442.27MU

by Ashis Sinha

Bokaro: Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) has achieved the all-time highest hydel power generation of 442.27 MU (million units); clean and renewable electricity.

Surpassing our previous highest record of 223.117 MU in 2008-09, we have achieved the highest hydel power generation of 442.27 MU by 15 January 2022, informed P P Sah, Head of Project, Panchet Hydel Station.

During the financial years 1999-20, we achieved a power generation capacity of 442.26 MU. And now we have broken our own record, said Sah, adding, “We have targeted to achieve 250 MU hydel power productions by 31 March 2022.”

Now, two units of hydel power are operational at Panchet. The first unit was established in 1959, while the second one was in 1992, informed Sah.

Notably, the DVC Hydroelectric Project is erected in three Dams across Jharkhand and West Bengal. The dams are Maithon, Panchet Hill and Tilaiya. So the total installed capacities of the power project across the three powerhouses are 147.2 MW.

The hydroelectric unit produces no direct waste and has a considerably lower greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide output than fossil fuel-powered energy units. Electricity is usually produced by using the gravitational force of falling or flowing water and is the most widely used renewable energy.

Extending warm wishes, M Raghu Ram, Member Technical of DVC, said, “The contribution of Panchet power unit in this performance is truly exemplary.”

“I extended my heartiest congratulations. This effort by Team Panchet is highly appreciated and makes every DVCian proud,” he added.

“This milestone is also an indication that we can achieve great things with perseverance, teamwork, and target orientation. I am sure that more such records will be achieved in the coming days,” Ram writes to Sah, conveying his appreciation to all the team members for achieving the feat.

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