University of Birmingham Dubai invites applications for BSc, MSc in AI, CS

New Delhi: The University of Birmingham Dubai is inviting applications for its B Sc and M Sc courses in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a multidisciplinary field that connects computing, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, mathematics and linguistics. Using state-of-the-art facilities in the new, technology enhanced ‘smart’ campus, the degree programmes provide students with computing skills to enter industry, while also allowing them to acquire scientific skills in order to pursue research. The wide range of modules focus on areas of AI that interest students the most and will help kick-start a great career.

Both the programmes by the university have been designed in such a way that people even from a variety of academic backgrounds can get upto speed with AI and computer science without any issues.

University of Birmingham Dubai graduates are highly sought after by leading industry players, and the range of job opportunities available to them are infinite.

With teaching being a joint exercise between academics on Dubai campus and Edgbaston Campus, the programmes aim to provide students with world class education. Students also have the opportunity to interact and work alongside students in the Edgbaston campus in the UK whilst they study at the Dubai campus. The B Sc programme is a three year UAE Ministry of Education accredited Computer Science programme making The University of Birmingham, the only British institution in Dubai offering three year courses. The M Sc programme is the standard international course spanning across one year.

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