University of Bristol invites applications MSc Immersive Technologies

New Delhi: Immersive Technologies are transforming how we consume, interact, and experience digital information and media. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are now being used in pilot mode across numerous and diverse industries, from games to entertainment; theatre and live events; museums and heritage; marketing, advertising, tourism, architecture, product development and design; through to simulation and healthcare.

A degree in Immersive Technologies from the University of Bristol will enable the students to translate their knowledge and skills to make engaging immersive content and interactive experiences for diverse audiences. This will equip the students with the technical knowledge and skills to succeed in this exciting and rapidly growing sector. Throughout the programme, students will be learning from world-leading academics and working with industry partners.

This master’s programme equips students with technological skills and knowledge to work with virtual reality and augmented reality. This will give the students the ability and knowledge to consider the processes of content creation, delivery and consumption; holistically, as a continuum to provide engaging immersive experiences for a range of audiences while meeting technological constraints and addressing commercial needs. The students will work collaboratively with students on the MA Immersive Arts (Virtual and Augmented Reality) to bring together skills in creative arts and computer science.

The programme has been co-designed with industrial partners to meet growing skills-gap demand. The University has excellent cutting-edge research and facilities in immersive technologies. This ensures the teaching is research-led and gives students insights into how the sector will evolve in the future, along with emphasizing an applied and practice-based education.

Speaking on the relevance of the course Suneet Singh Kochar, CEO, Fateh Education, says, “We are living in an era where digitilisation and new technologies are transforming the way we learn, work and live. Courses such as MSc Immersive Technologies are being curated by universities to meet the skill demand in the market and prepare students for the future of the job market. We at Fateh Education take great care and go into details to help students understand which are the new and upcoming fields, so that students can choose the right course for themselves and conquer their dreams.”

Programme delivery

Students will be introduced to the technologies underpinning immersive interactions, the diverse applications and experiences that can be achieved with these technologies, and the wide range of opportunities in the sector.

The degree will cover theories of immersivity, histories of immersive and interactive media, along with emerging technologies and approaches. Students will be made aware of the ethical considerations that should be taken into account when developing immersive experiences to instill a sense of responsible innovation. Students will be taught how to use professional 3D modelling software, game engines, plugins and hardware that are used readily in industry. Students will learn how to utilise interactive methods and hardware to further immerse their players/users in the action, giving them agency in how an immersive experience unfolds or giving designers an understanding of how the player/user is being affected by the experience.

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