Rise in new positive cases, Center asks to continue monitoring on spread

RNS: Kerala, Maharashtra, Mizoram, Delhi and Haryana are advised to continue monitoring the spread of Corona infections. The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry have asked five states to continue monitoring the spread of COVID infection and undertake the required steps for prompt and effective management of COVID-19.

Concerned over the rise in new positive cases, the Secretary of Health and Family Welfare Ministry has written letters to States and Union Territory stating that these have reported an increase in weekly new cases and positivity rate.

The Union Health Ministry said, there are few States which are reporting a higher contribution to the country’s daily new cases. The Ministry has advised monitoring clusters of new Covid-19 cases and emphasize on adequate testing in areas reporting high case positivity. It has also advised giving focus on the vaccination of eligible people.

“It is essential that the state must maintain a strict watch and take pre-emptive action in the areas of concern to control any emerging spread of infection,” the latter reveals.

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