UGC allow students to pursue two different degrees at the same time

RNS: UGC has approved Dual Degree programmes, which allow students to pursue two different degrees at the same time.

Students will now be able to pursue two physical degrees or a combination of physical and online degrees. Though, the detailed guidelines about these programmes will soon be notified online by UGC.

According to the officials, the dual degree programmes will allow students to pursue two physical degrees, from two different universities or institutions at the same time.

Students will be able to choose between two different degrees in any form, including full-time physical mode, online mode, or distance education mode, as part of this programme. In addition, this policy on dual degrees will apply to all types of degrees, including diplomas and online degrees.

UGC Chairman Jagadesh M Kumar said that Dual degree programmes will offer maximum flexibility to the students when it comes to higher education.

“We are making it easier for the students to customise their education and increase their choice of what they want to study,” he added.

Through dual degree programmes, students will be able to plan their academic careers better and will be able to identify and pursue their passion and reach their true potential, he said.

Dual Degree programmes announced today by the UGC is that now students are allowed to pursue dual degrees from different universities or institutions. However, one condition that has to be kept in mind for this is the time schedule for classes and other academic activities for both degree programmes do not clash with each other.

For example, if a student is following a BA in History programme at a university or college in a physical mode, the student will also have the possibility to undertake another degree programme of the same level as an evening course at a neighbouring university or college.

“The two institutions or colleges should be close to one another. It is not conceivable to pursue two programmes in physical form from two universities in different cities,” remarked the UGC chairwoman.

“The students can also pursue the second programme from the same university or college from where they are pursuing the first one if the respective university allows them to do so,” he added.

He further said, a student can pursue two degrees at either the undergraduate level or at postgraduate level. Simply put, one cannot pursue one UG and one PG degree as part of the UGC’s Dual Degree Programme.

“The student can choose to pursue two different undergraduate courses or two different postgraduate programmes. If a student is studying only one undergraduate programme, they will not be eligible for a PG course,” said UGC Chairman during a press briefing.

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