Vivekalaya Group of Institutions celebrates Mother’s Day with fun – filled activities

RNS: With Mother’s Day round the corner, Vivekalaya institute is all set to celebrate the day in a rather special way. With its core belief to be an institution that is ‘a determined mothers destination for her child’s development’, they hosted an event ‘Mommy & Me’ which consisted of activities and exercises to strengthen the mother child bond while also making it fun. The pre-event saw a large audience having a great time at the event participating in various activities. The event also marks Vivekalaya’s 30+ years in the field of education. In these years, the institution has grown to become a symbol of empowering thought and an expression of creative excellence.

Founded by Mrs Prema Rao in 2011, Vivekalaya Group of Institutions, is a world-class educational centre that promotes inclusivity, equality and empowerment while offering every student an opportunity to achieve academic, athletic and creative excellence.

Although only a few handful details have been let out by the organisation, there’s more in store at the main event on 7th May, Mother’s Day. Attendees of the pre-event have called it a promising event and are looking forward to D-Day.

Vivekalaya Group of Institution has completed over 30+ years and in these years, the organisation has strived to build a suitable holistic and inclusive institution. The Vivekalaya Group has become a pioneer in inclusivity in education. In the past three decades, the institution has grown into a symbol of excellence and ethics. With their constant efforts and dedication to the field, the organisation aims to go that extra mile for their students and parents every year.

This year Vivekalaya Group of Institution plans to expand their special learning centre Akshyantra as they find more people are looking for support for students with additional learning needs. Along with that they are also adding vocational training and a life skills program to their existing varied curriculum. In Fact they have already added new subjects at Prakriya and have also introduced Sanskrit in all their institutions. Addition to that they are also offering Sillambum, a South Indian martial art, to their students this upcoming year.

Talking about the event and the organisation, Ms. Aiswarya Rao, the current Director Academics and Administration, Vivekalaya Group of Institutions said, “There is still much to be done to bring about improvement and change in the educational sector. This growth and expansion can be achieved by adopting new methods, as well as implementing tried and tested practices by customising them to match the students’ needs.”

Her primary goal is to build the best education system in South India by aspiring to create a name that is respected, revered and renowned. Because next year will be the organisation’s 35th year in education, they plan to exponentially expand our syllabi and curriculums to fulfil her vision for education in the country.

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