Bokaro to host Science film festival

RNS: Celebrating the 75th year of independence as the Year of Science Awareness, Science for Society, Jharkhand has been decided to host Science Film Festival for the first time in Bokaro.

This decision has been taken unanimously in the meeting of the Executive Committee of Science for Society, Bokaro, informed Dr. T. Pachal, the President of the organization, who also presided over the meeting.

“Efforts would be made to remove the slackness that came after COVID,” added Pachal.

After many programs, it has been decided to celebrate Science Film Festival for the first time in Bokaro by Science for Society, Jharkhand in this episode.

Around 30 award winning films from across the country will scheduled to be screened in this film festival. Science films produced in Jharkhand, Bengal, Assam, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Goa, Orissa, Karnataka, Delhi and other states will also be screened, he said.

The producer and director of the film will also participate in this festival besides students, teachers, doctors, engineers and citizens of the district will participate in this program.

“This two-day event is scheduled to be held in September this year,” added Pachal.

All science filmmakers and directors have given their nod. This will require everyone’s assistance. This film festival will greatly encourage children to promote and disseminate science,

Filmmakers in the field of science have unanimously given their approval. This will necessitate the participation of the entire community, said Rajendra Kumar, General Secretary of Science for Society, Bokaro adding , “this film festival will substantially motivate children to promote and propagate science.”

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