India’s largest floating solar power project is now fully operational

RNS: The largest floating solar power project in India is now fully operational. With effect from July 1st, NTPC declared commercial operation of the final part capacity of 20 MW of the 100 MW Ramagundam Floating Solar PV Project in Ramagundam, Telangana.

The commercial operation of floating solar capacity in the Southern Region increased to 217 MW with the completion of the 100-MW Solar PV Project at Ramagundam.

Earlier, NTPC declared commercial operation of 92 MW Floating Solar at Kayamkulam in Kerala and 25 MW Floating Solar at Simhadri in Andhra Pradesh.

The 100-MW Floating Solar project at Ramagundam is endowed with advanced technology as well as environment-friendly features. Constructed with a financial implication of 423 crore rupees, the project spreads over 500 acres of its reservoir.

An official release said that with the presence of floating solar panels, the evaporation rate from water bodies is reduced, thus helping in water conservation.

Nearly 32.5 lakh cubic meters per year water evaporation can be avoided. The water body underneath the solar modules helps in maintaining their ambient temperature, thereby improving their efficiency and generation.

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