Self-reliance: DPS Bokaro is using solar energy for years

by Ashis Sinha

Delhi Public School (DPS) Bokaro saves over four lakh rupees a year by generating its own electricity in accordance with the national and state governments’ energy conservation policies. Additionally, the school’s generators have been replaced with solar panels, reducing the school’s carbon footprint.

DPS Bokaro has been using solar energy for the previous three years as part of its commitment to energy independence, informed a Public Relations official of DPS.

Presently school’s A block is powered by a 25 KVA solar plant. Previously, the generator utilised Rs 2,000 every hour against power production. Solar energy has cut diesel consumption, reducing pollution for thousands of students, said the official.

If there is a power outage during the school day, 25 KVA of solar-generated electricity is used. Tube lights and fans keep the 24 rooms in the A block of the school working efficiently. This has no negative consequences for the students or teachers. Not only that, but students are also instructed about the practical elements of solar energy with the help of this solar panel.

Under the Go Green Initiative of DPS Bokaro in 2019, this solar power plant was built at a cost of around 20 lakh rupees. On the school’s roof, 85 solar panels have been placed. With the help of these inverters, the school’s electrical needs may be met. The solar energy system is also taught to children in specific programmes.

A.S. Gangwar, principal of DPS Bokaro said, oil and coal reserves are depleting on a regular basis. In such a situation, energy conservation is critical; else, nothing will be left for future generations. He stated that the goal of this effort is to keep pupils from being disrupted by protracted power outages or frequent power outages. It is also our goal to protect youngsters from the health risks caused by carbon dioxide emissions from diesel combustion. The school is also working on a plan to install solar panels in the elementary unit in Sector-5 as soon as possible, he said.

Keeping the environment clean and conserving energy go hand in hand in today’s world. Electricity is in short supply due to an ever-increasing population. As a result, people’s preference for renewable energy is growing rapidly these days. The most effective of these is solar energy. Solar energy provides enough power for anything from households and small businesses to major corporations and government facilities. It’s for this reason that the state government is promoting the usage of solar energy and launching its Solar Energy Policy on 5 July, said Gangwar.

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